NJ State Championships Trophy _ NJTTC

NJTTC hosts tournaments throughout the year, including the annual New Jersey State Championships.  NJTTC tournaments are USATT-sanctioned two-star events.  All tournaments are open to all entrants, except for the NJ State Championships, which are restricted to NJ residents.

To register for the upcoming tournament, please use the online registration page.

March Open Results

Division 1 Winner: Zongqi(Henry) Zhong; Division 2 Winner: Roth Frank
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NJTTC 2017 Tournament Schedule

NameUSATT RatingRefereeDate
March OpenTwo StarChris LehmanMarch 5, 2017
April OpenTwo StarChris LehmanApril 9, 2017
NJ State ChampionshipsTwo StarChris LehmanMay 13-14, 2017
June OpenTwo StarChris LehmanJune 11, 2017
July OpenTwo StarChris LehmanJuly 16, 2017
August OpenTwo StarChris LehmanAugust 13, 2017
September OpenTwo StarChris LehmanSeptember 10, 2017
October OpenTwo StarChris LehmanOctober 15, 2017
November OpenTwo StarChris LehmanNovember 5, 2017
December OpenTwo StarChris LehmanDecember 10, 2017

Entry Policy:   All players MUST either

  • Be members of USATT or some other ITTF-affiliated association (bring your membership card or receipt)
  • Join the USATT at the tournament or
  • Purchase a One-Time Tournament Pass for ($20) at the tournament.

Tournament Committee

  • Tournament Director: Larry Bavly
  • Tournament Coordinator: James Liu
  • Referee: Chris Lehman, IR