The Club runs a number of leagues throughout the year. These leagues offer members organized competition against a variety of opponents. To play in in the Tuesday and Summer Leagues, players must be NJTTC members and pay the league fee indicated on the Membership form. The Monday and Saturday Leagues are open to non-members, as well, for a daily fee.

Monday League

The Monday League is a USATT Individual League for players of all skill levels. Players are placed into round robin groups among those who show up for a particular night. Sign-up closes at 8:00PM and play starts at 8:15PM on Mondays.                     -Fees: $5/night or $30/annual for NJTTC members. $10/night for non-NJTTC members.
Email us at mondayleague@njttc.org

League Results

Tuesday League

The NJTTC Tuesday League is operated in a team format for skilled beginners to mid-level (USATT rating up to approximately 1700 – 1800) players. Teams are typically made up of three players of mixed skill levels so that all teams are competitive with each other. Each team member of one team plays a singles match against each team member of the competing team and there is one doubles match every league night.
There are several rounds conducted during a season with teams reorganized to account for players’ skill level changes. The season usually starts in October and ends in May just prior to the start of the Summer League. League play begins at 8 PM and is most often done shortly before or after 10 PM. Please see Tuesday League Home for more information.

Fees- $25/annual
Email us at tuesdayleague@njttc.org

Tuesday League Flyer

Thursday League

The Thursday League is now a USATT Singles League (used to be a team format) for advanced players, a USATT Tournament or Singles League rating >= 1750 within the last 12 months is required for eligibility (juniors only require 1650 to qualify). Players are placed into round robin groups based on their ratings. There is a $5** nightly “prize” to the winner of Division 1. All other division winners will be promoted to the next higher division the following week. League starts at 8:00 PM on Thursday (except holidays). Please call the club or text the chairperson before 7:50 PM to be entered. Spots are limited, first comes first served.
– Fees: $5/night or $30/annual for NJTTC members. $10/night for non-NJTTC members.
** Prize will only be awarded when there are “per night” fees to be collected that night. If no one has to pay, there will be no “prize award”.
Email us at thursdayleague@njttc.org

League Results

Summer League

The Summer League is an NJTTC League in a handicapped individual format for players of all skill levels for summer fun and relaxation. Players are placed into round robin groups among those who show up for a particular night and spot each other points according to their handicaps (which are determined by their win/loss records). Play starts at 8:00PM on Tuesdays from May through August.                                      -Fees: $15 for the entire season
Email us at summerleague@njttc.org